I have several TestNG suite files across my multi-module java project, it's structure looks like this:


Is it possible to create run configuration including all these suites in IntelliJ IDEA?

I am able to create separate configuration for each of them via Run/Debug Configurations - TestNG - Configuration - Suite, but I don't see a way to select multiple files there.

I cannot merge all test suites into single suite because some tests use Before/After Suite methods.

I am using IntelliJ IDEA 14.1.2 Community edition, TestNG 6.1.1.

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    Is creating a master suite an option for you? Then you could reference the other files with suite-files (I think it was), and running this master suite. – stuXnet Aug 6 '15 at 9:00
  • @stuXnet thanks, I missed this feature somehow, I'll give it a try! – arghtype Aug 6 '15 at 9:06
  • I accidentally stumbled over it when editing a suite file in IntelliJ, that's when I saw this tag. Sadly, it's not documented in the otherwise awesome documentation - testng.org/doc/documentation-main.html – stuXnet Aug 6 '15 at 9:10

TestNG per se supports the execution of multiple suite files - you can run java org.testng.TestNG suite1.xml suite2.xml suite3.xml

I haven't found a way to specify multiple suite.xmls in IntelliJ, so I created a master suite using the undocumented suite-files tag. It looks like this:

<!DOCTYPE suite SYSTEM "http://testng.org/testng-1.0.dtd" >

<suite name="Suite1" verbose="1" >
        <suite-file path="suite1.xml"/>
        <suite-file path="suite2.xml"/>

This suite file is runnable by IntelliJ and should include all tests, with their correct before/after methods.

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    it worked, thank you. But it seems like I have to update my test suites carefully: I have very greedy patterns, like 'include package "com.a.b.*" ' in test-suites of module1, but I also have such packages in module2. And (no surprise) suite from module1 makes attempts to run tests from module2, and obviously fails :) – arghtype Aug 6 '15 at 9:44
  • testng.org/testng-1.0.dtd.php <!-- A suite is the top-level element of a testng.xml file --> <!ELEMENT suite (groups?,(listeners|packages|test|parameter|method-selectors|suite-files)*) > – user77115 Aug 23 '17 at 11:26

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