I have a webapplication currently working under Glassfish 4.0 and want to modify it to work under Wildfly 8.2. The problem I currently have is:

I have some Webservices (with annotation @WebService) wich currently are published under /ws/

f.e. "PanelService" would be exposed under /myAppContextRoot/ws/PanelService

I did this by binding the Glassfish-WS-Servlet (ergo JAXWS-RI) to /ws/* in web.xml. Is there a comparable way for Wildfly preferable without using Wildfly specific annotations - just by configuration? I don´t want to have jboss-classes in my classpath.

My current "solution" is to add JAXWS-RI to the classpath and publish the services two times - by JBoss-WS and JAXWS-RI :-(


The solution of Terrence Curran actually works..... but.... I had to add minor changes.

  • What I didn´t know: had to place the file under src/main/webapp/META-INF (Maven Web project) - tried src/main/resources/META-INF before...
  • the context-root had to contain my app-name..... my jboss-webservices.xml is now:


  • I had to mark at least one of the webservices as @Stateless EJB. Don´t ask me why - but if I remove the annotation the file doesn´t seem to get parsed and applied. Only if there is one WS present also as EJB my wildlfy will apply the jboss-webservices.xml. (Bug?)

I would also look at defining the context-root in a jboss-webservices.xml file. This way you can avoid modifying your web.xml which will break your deployment in GlassFish.


Got it.

Under Wildfly it´s possible to map WebServices as "servlets" in the web.xml. So I just had to remove JAX-WS RI and add the following snippet to web.xml:


@cljk nice shortcut.

To complete your answer, if you don't want to mess with web.xml, @WebServlet annotation will work too:

@WebService(name = "test", serviceName = "testService", portName = "testPort")
@SOAPBinding(style = Style.DOCUMENT)
@MTOM(enabled = true, threshold = 4194304)
public class SoapTestService

and you'll get:

JBWS024061: Adding service endpoint metadata: id=it.shape.myapp.ws.soap.test.SoapTestService

tested on Wildfly 10.0.0.Final

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