I have checked Preferences->Editor->Code completion. Basic code completion is turned on. Shortcut is ^Space. When I click [control]+[space], it is opening spotlight search instead of code completion. How to solve this problem?


You need to change the Mac OS X keyboard shortcuts (Preferences | Keyboard | Shortcuts | Spotlight) and either disable the "Show Spotlight search" shortcut or reassign it to a different key.

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As an alternative to yole: Since I did not want to modify my system's shortcuts to have them the same across my Macs, I just edited the shortcut in Android Studio (Android Studio -> Preferences -> Keymap and change Basic Completion).

I've used Option+Space which is not assigned to any global shortcut.

P.S.: This is indeed a nuisance coming from years of Windows usage.

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    After a year of using this, I can say I find it the same as using Ctrl+Space, and I've been using this on all of IntelliJ IDEs I use every day. I still suggest just editing the shortcut If you don't want to modify your default OSX shortcuts. – Lucas P. Jan 23 '19 at 14:34

I'm running Android Studio on Windows 10. File -> Settings -> Editor -> General -> Code Completion

The default hotkeys for Auto-Complete are:

1) Control + Space + Spacebar

2) Control+ Spacebar

enter image description here

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The shortcut is different now but is still working, you just need to click

ctrl + space

. The ^ you see listed in your preferences is the symbol for ctrl on a mac.

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