I have a column Status and I'd like to count how many lines are "Pendings" and how many are "Finalized"

I tried this:

Variable class = java.lang.Integer
Calculation = Sum
ResetType = Report
Increment type = None
Variable expression = $F{tbl_suspensao_status}.equals("Finalized")  ? 0 : 1

But it did not work.


     tbl_suspensao.`codigoBeneficiario` AS tbl_suspensao_codigoBeneficiario,
     tbl_suspensao.`contrato` AS tbl_suspensao_contrato,
     tbl_suspensao.`data_fim` AS tbl_suspensao_data_fim,
     tbl_suspensao.`data_inicio` AS tbl_suspensao_data_inicio,
     tbl_suspensao.`status` AS tbl_suspensao_status,
     tbl_usuario.`nome` AS tbl_usuario_nome,
     tbl_suspensao.`nomeBeneficiario` AS tbl_suspensao_nomeBeneficiario
     `tbl_usuario` tbl_usuario INNER JOIN `tbl_suspensao` tbl_suspensao ON tbl_usuario.`codigo` = tbl_suspensao.`usuario_id`
 AND tbl_suspensao.`data_inicio` BETWEEN  $P{Data_Inicio} AND $P{Data_Fim}
  • What means "it did not work"? Which values displayed for this variables? Show report data and report result for this counters. – sanBez Aug 6 '15 at 14:53
   sum(if(Status = "Pendings", 1, 0)) Pendings, 
   sum(if(Status = "Finalized", 1, 0)) Finalized
 from table

Or so

    sum(Status = "Pendings") Pendings, 
    sum(Status = "Finalized") Finalized 
  from t1

Demo on sqlfiddle

  • Thanks, problem solved. – DiegoAugusto Aug 6 '15 at 14:58
  • Im glad to help. – splash58 Aug 6 '15 at 15:11
SELECT status, count(*) from table where status='pending' or status='finalized' 
group by status

Wrong order 1 and 0. Change expression to

Variable expression = $F{tbl_suspensao_status}.equals("Finalized")  ? 1 : 0

P.S. Calculation sum in SQL is SQL-solution but not iReport-solution

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