I previously worked on a C# project and now I'm basically doing the same project but in vb.net.

C# code: Manager class

 /// <summary>
    /// Reads file from binary
    /// </summary>
    /// <param name="the filepath"></param>
    /// <returns></returns>
    public Animal[] ReadFile(string filename)
        BinSerializerUtility BinSerial = new BinSerializerUtility();
        var animals = BinSerial.BinaryFileDeSerialize<Animal>(filename);
        return animals.ToArray();

class BinaryFileDeSerialize

public List<T> BinaryFileDeSerialize<T>(string filePath) where T : class
        var list = new List<T>();

        if (!File.Exists(filePath))
            throw new FileNotFoundException("The file" + " was not found. ", filePath);
        using (var fileStream = new FileStream(filePath, FileMode.Open))
            BinaryFormatter b = new BinaryFormatter();

            while (fileStream.Position < fileStream.Length)

        return list;

Everything worked fine in C#, however in the vb.net there was a problem.

I tried doing it this way in vb.net:

Manager class:

 Public Function ReadFile(ByVal filename As String) As Animal()
            Dim BinSerial As BinSerializerUtility = New BinSerializerUtility
            Dim animals = BinSerial.BinaryFileDeSerialize(filename)
            Return animals.ToArray
        End Function

From the code above I'm getting an error:

Type parameter 'T' for 'Public Function BinaryFileDeSerialize(Of T As Class)(filePath As String) As System.Collections.Generic.List(Of T)' cannot be inferred.

vb.net class BinaryFileDeSerialize:

  Public Function BinaryFileDeSerialize(Of T As {Class})(ByVal filePath As String) As List(Of T)
            Dim list = New List(Of T)
            If Not File.Exists(filePath) Then
                Throw New FileNotFoundException(("The file" + " was not found. "), filePath)
            End If
            Dim fileStream = New FileStream(filePath, FileMode.Open)
            Dim b As BinaryFormatter = New BinaryFormatter

            While (fileStream.Position < fileStream.Length)
                list.Add(CType(b.Deserialize(fileStream), T))

            End While
            Return list
        End Function

Does anyone know what the problem is and how to solve it?

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You need to call

Dim animals = BinSerial.BinaryFileDeSerialize(Of <put your type here>)(filename)

So if your type is Animal*, use

Dim animals = BinSerial.BinaryFileDeSerialize(Of Animal)(filename)

*after your recent edit

Already from the beginning, you can help your project to be without type-related complications. Write Option Explicit as the first line of your class file. It will require you to declare every variable with
As <type> and its pay-off is aplication which can be more easily read, maintained and kept free from type-related errors.

So after adding Option Explicit, you have to add type declaration:

Dim animals As List(Of Animal) = BinSerial.BinaryFileDeSerialize(Of Animal)(filename)

You immediately get better overview of what you are doing.

  • Thanks a lot for your help, its working now – John.P Aug 6 '15 at 19:35
  • Just a note: Option Explicit On does not force the As <type> if you also use Option Infer On. – Andrew Morton Feb 8 '16 at 19:23

In the C# version the type parameter for the generic method was supplied:


It needed to be, since filename is just a string and there's no other way to infer the parameter. But in the VB version it's not being supplied:


It still needs to be, for the same reason:

BinSerial.BinaryFileDeSerialize(Of Animal)(filename)
  • Thank you so much, its working now. – John.P Aug 6 '15 at 19:35

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