I've got an application that has got a couchDB as database. The database (Let's call it x.cloudant.com) is served on cloudant.com.

During development, I changed the account from x.cloudant.com to y.cloudant.com. After that (it may or may not have something to do with switching to the new account.) I got problems:

  1. The traffic on cloudant.com spiked up really high (on one day I had like over 700k requests). Mostly they were light HTTP requests (GETs, HEADs). The user agent was from couchDB1.5 or couchDB1.6
  2. Looking in the couchDB logs, I would get a lot of error messages: 500 HTTP messages, replication was canceled sind the database was shutdown, it couldn't connect to the database
  3. My application would still sometimes connect to the old account (x.cloudant.com) even though I switched the account over a week ago. Meaning alongside replicating the data on the new account (y.cloudant.com) it also tries to replicate the data on my old account (x.cloudant.com).

My replication settings are the default settings. I want to reduce the amount of traffic on cloudant.con. Has anyone experienced the same issues? How did you solve it?

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