I'm very new to working with batch files but I'm trying to achieve the following

I have a folder C:\...\...\...\evidence In it are subfolders, the names of these can vary, can contain letters numbers and spaces. Let's say;

  • Equations
  • Microscopy
  • images
  • Data
  • 10052011

What I'd like to do is compress all the contents of the subfolder into a file {Subfoldername}.zip so Equations.zip in equations and delete the now zipped contents.

I can use native zipping or 7zip and I can work with vb if necessary.


a look at the help output of 7za.exe is helpful. eg.

for /D %%a in (*) do (
  7za.exe a -r "%%a.zip" "%%a" && rmdir /s /q "%%a"

will iterate all folders, zip them recoursively, and then remove them if zipping was successful (returned 0).

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