I got an problem after i create and APIs on Google Developer Console and enable the GCM service, but i want to add an server key at Credential next to APIs on left hand menu. But it show me You do not have sufficient permissions to view this page. Below are the image: You do not have sufficient permissions to view this page.

Is that any config i need to add? I did follow what You do not have sufficient permissions to view this page to clear cache and use incognito mode to login, but still not work.

EDIT Some time i relogin it work back, when i click to another side and click back it show the error again, and my solution is go to Credential than use top right corner account to logout and relogin , let it redirect you back to Credential, than it work. So is there any solution to fixed it permanently without relogin?


  • same here. Didn't know if it is a bug or we just missed some setting – bhadz Aug 9 '15 at 7:13
  • Now my method not work already, after logout with using right corner and relogin, it redirect me to home page, not the page i stay anymore. I think google fixed the redirect bug. – Kenny Ong Aug 23 '15 at 9:04

It because of you have logged in multiple devices. so u have to log out from all devices. to do this go to gmail.com and log in using your email and password. and scroll down . you can see Details link . Click that link. enter image description here

it will open new window. there u click enter image description here

Sign out all other web sessions. than clear history. than do login and try . it will open without showing error.


I got the same problem. After following the below steps it got solved. This may help you as well.

  1. Click on Apis under Api & auth
  2. Click on "Google Play Game Services".
  3. Enable the service.
  4. Optional: enable "Google Play Developer API" as well. Most of the time it will enable by default.
  • Cant find 'google play services' as suggested in step 2. which section it comes in? – Kumar Sambhav Aug 10 '15 at 8:04
  • Sorry It should be 'Google Play Game Services', 'Google Play Developer API' – SafeHouse Aug 11 '15 at 15:27

I am facing the same issues. Try using another browser like firefox - sometimes it works. but after awhile, same error pops up.

  • tried on a different browser, incognito window, etc., but it didn't work either – auspicious99 Aug 9 '15 at 7:12

Having the same issue as with you regardless what api i enable.. have tried all the suggestion posted earlier. but none of them worked, but when i tried to change my i.p.. using a vpn. and tried to access it.it worked, i can create or view my api now,tested it with other gmail account to confirm and started from scratch. to my surprise i didnt encounter that issue im having for hours.. no idea why my i.p is being rejected when accessing the credentials area..


I've resolve my issue, it's about the ISP you are using. I tried 3 ISP's and 1 of them got a success all the time, I don't have any permission error.

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