Guy new to C# here. I was looking around MSDN skimming through enum methods, but I could not tell the difference between TEnum and enumType.

public static bool TryParse<TEnum>(
string value,
out TEnum result)

public static string[] GetNames(
Type enumType)

What is the difference here? For the first method, wouldn't it possibly be better to return enumType result instead?


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TEnum is the Generic type of enumeration. You can pass any of your enumeration to that method.

The second method is a non-generic one, where you would use a typeof keyword to identify the enums and return the enum names as a string collection


In TryParse<TEnum>() is a generic method and TEnum is the generic type parameter. Any time you see a method, class, or interface declaration followed by a name in angle brackets you have a generic type. Generics are used to provide compile time type checks and improve performance by specifying the type the method is to use.

GetNames takes a Type object. A particular Type object represents particular class, interface, or enum. It's probably better to compare to Enum.Parse:

public static Object Parse(
    Type enumType,
    string value

Notice that Enum.Parse returns an object, which will require a cast to TEnum.

Generics where not added until .Net 2.0 so you will see a number of methods that have a generic version and a generic version that takes a Type object. The non-generic versions are also useful when working with reflection.


The first example is a generic declaration. Typically, you usually only see it as T, but the author of that code wanted to denote that it should be an enum.

In your second example, enumType is just a variable name. The two methods do completely different things, and the two pieces you're looking at serve completely different purposes.

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