Does the Android API expose facilities for generating touch events, for example, repeatedly simulating different gestures on the screen for testing?


Doesn adb commands will work for u or u need some kind of monkay testing tool commands ???

For adb commands u can use below shell commands...

adb shell input tap x y and also

adb shell sendevent /dev/input/event0 3 0 5 adb shell sendevent /dev/input/event0 3 1 29 adb shell sendevent /dev/input/event0 1 330 1 adb shell sendevent /dev/input/event0 0 0 0 adb shell sendevent /dev/input/event0 1 330 0 adb shell sendevent /dev/input/event0 0 0 0

  • Did u find best solution. If u found one please update it here or accept some answer so that others will know answer as well.
    – vicky
    Aug 17 '15 at 4:02

You can write an Android Instrumention Test to implement UI auto testing in android, see Tesing UI for a Single Activity and Android Testing Support Library.

If you are new to Android Test, I suggest you read Activity Testing first.

  • Does it work for any application, even outside of the current application? Is there any sample of how to use it? Jan 8 '17 at 13:39

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