I have an object invoice, it has some list of Invoice Items. Now I want to get print of my invoices. For that I used Velocity Template. But my model template not getting my required format.

I used this First Used Format .

I got this Output First Format Output

For below template Second Format

I got this Output Second Format Output

But I want like this

Required Format

Guys Plz help me to get requried format


Try the following code

    <td>Unit Price</th>
    <th>vat rate</th>
    <th>vat amount</th>
#foreach ($titem in $!invoice.transactionItems)

Firstly,you need to write some html code as well as css,once have the html template, you can fill your object value to the html code, as your format, you need to make use of the html table label to present your result.

  • It is fine for html. But I am preparing a pdf file to export. To prepare a pdf file I need docx template. In that temp I got this problem. – Siva kumar Aug 10 '15 at 6:11

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