as the same as here: How to do a Sum using Dynamic LINQ I want to do a All() with a dynamic string...

My code:

allDataValid = consumptionModelListOld.All(x => x.F11ValueValid);

I want to write:

allDataValid = consumptionModelListOld.All("F11ValueValid");

How to do this?


There is no All "operator", and it would be quite difficult to create it... but you could:

allDataValid = !consumptionModelListOld.Where("!F11ValueValid").Any();

Note the use of ! (twice, to negate the F11ValueValid and to negate the result of Any()).

  • @AlexH On my version of Dynamic Linq (I'm using this one), there is no .Any(string) overload.
    – xanatos
    Aug 10 '15 at 13:08

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