Trying to figure out how one can use iproute2 to manage static label-switched MPLS routes in Linux kernel 4.1.

I am aware iproute2 support for MPLS might be incomplete right now [2].

Can anyone please shed some light on what iproute2-4.1.1 is currently able to do?

This is what I have found so far:


/proc/sys/net/mpls/platform_labels /proc/sys/net/mpls/conf//input

Load mpls module

sudo modprobe mpls_router 

Find sysctl support

sysctl -a --pattern mpls 
net.mpls.conf.eth0.input = 0 
net.mpls.conf.eth1.input = 0 
net.mpls.conf.lo.input = 0 
net.mpls.platform_labels = 0 

Enable mpls support

sudo sysctl -w net.mpls.conf.eth0.input=1 
sudo sysctl -w net.mpls.conf.eth1.input=1 
sudo sysctl -w net.mpls.platform_labels=1000 

push??? (how to add prefix-to-push action?)

sudo ip route add via mpls 100/200/300 dev eth0 

swap??? (how to add label-swap action?)

sudo ip -f mpls route add 10 via mpls 100/200/300 dev eth0 

pop??? (how to add label-pop action?)


show??? (how to display label-switched routes?)


Can someone help me out . Thanks in Advance.

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A little bit too late, but hope it helps somebody. You can find them here:

Routing to with label 100:

ip route add encap mpls 100 via inet

Label swapping 100 for 200 and sent to

ip -f mpls route add 100 as 200 via inet

Decapsulating label 300 and delivering locally:

ip -f mpls route add 300 dev lo

To show MPLS routes you can do:

ip -f mpls route show

If your iproute2 version doesn't support those commands, you can get it from here:


And then

./configure && make && make install

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