With my rails app I can successfully destroy, sign up and log in users but I can seem to deactivate them. I get this error every time: ActiveRecord::RecordNotFound in UsersController#deactivate (Couldn't find User with 'id'=)

record = s.execute([id], self, connection).first
    unless record
      raise RecordNotFound, "Couldn't find #{name} with '#{primary_key}'=#{id}"
  rescue RangeError

Here's the User controller:

def deactivate
 user = User.find(params[:user_id])
  if current_user.admin?
  redirect_to users_path 
   redirect_to :back

The _user.html.erb view:

<li><%= gravatar_for user, size: 50 %>
<%= link_to user.name, user %>
<% if current_user.admin? && !current_user?(user) %>
<%= link_to "delete", user, method: :delete,
                              data: { confirm: "You sure?" } %>
<% end %>

<% if current_user.admin? && @user != current_user %>
<%=link_to "deactivate", deactivate_path(user_id: @user), method: :post, 
                                         data: { confirm: "Are you sure?"}%> 
<% end %>

and the routes:

get 'password_resets/new'
get 'password_resets/edit'
root             'static_pages#home'
get 'help'    => 'static_pages#help'
get 'about'   => 'static_pages#about'
get 'contact' => 'static_pages#contact'
get 'signup'  => 'users#new'
get    'login'   => 'sessions#new'
post   'login'   => 'sessions#create'
delete 'logout'  => 'sessions#destroy'
resources :users
resources :account_activations, only: [:edit]
resources :password_resets,     only: [:new, :create, :edit, :update]
post '/deactivate', to: "users#deactivate"

The logs are:

Rendered .../.rbenv/versions/2.0.0-p247/lib/ruby/gems/2.0.0/gems/web-console-2.0.0.beta3/lib/action_dispatch/templates/rescues/_source.erb (9.0ms)
Rendered .../.rbenv/versions/2.0.0-p247/lib/ruby/gems/2.0.0/gems/web-console-2.0.0.beta3/lib/action_dispatch/templates/rescues/_trace.html.erb (3.9ms)
Rendered .../.rbenv/versions/2.0.0-p247/lib/ruby/gems/2.0.0/gems/web-console-2.0.0.beta3/lib/action_dispatch/templates/rescues/_request_and_response.html.erb (1.5ms)
Rendered .../.rbenv/versions/2.0.0-p247/lib/ruby/gems/2.0.0/gems/web-console-2.0.0.beta3/lib/action_dispatch/templates/rescues/_web_console.html.erb (1.3ms)
Rendered .../.rbenv/versions/2.0.0-p247/lib/ruby/gems/2.0.0/gems/web-console-2.0.0.beta3/lib/action_dispatch/templates/rescues/diagnostics.html.erb within rescues/layout (44.8ms)

What could be wrong? I'm assuming error is in the controller. I am following Michael Hartl tutorial, as I'm a beginner, but I'm also trying to implement thing by myself (like this one).

  • Could you please post the full stack trace of your log? – K M Rakibul Islam Aug 11 '15 at 4:34
  • I have included the logs. – Cherenkov Aug 11 '15 at 4:43
  • I meant the stack trace. means, where you see the error: ActiveRecord::RecordNotFound in UsersController#deactivate (Couldn't find User with 'id'=) there should be an option of seeing full stack trace. I want to see that one. There should be the line numbers of where its failing exactly etc. – K M Rakibul Islam Aug 11 '15 at 4:45
  • Ah, ok.. sorry: I pasted them here: pastie.org/10343107 – Cherenkov Aug 11 '15 at 4:47
  • great, this would help. Now, could you please post the full code of your UsersController? – K M Rakibul Islam Aug 11 '15 at 4:49

First of all, you should make this a PUT request rather than POST as it is updating the user record.

Here are the changes that I made to make this work:

Modified the route to PUT in your routes.rb file:

put 'deactivate/:id(.:format)', :to => 'users#deactivate', :as => :deactivate_user

You did not have the implementation for deactivate_account method for your User model. I did that. In your User model:

def deactivate_account
 update_attributes!(activated: false)

And, finally, changed the user partial like this:

<%=link_to "Deactivate", deactivate_user_path(user), method: :put%>
  • Now: NoMethodError in UsersController#index undefined method 'id' for nil:NilClass – Cherenkov Aug 11 '15 at 4:40
  • hmm, this is not correct yet. Could you post the full stack trace without this change? – K M Rakibul Islam Aug 11 '15 at 4:42
  • Please look at my updated answer and let me know if that works now. – K M Rakibul Islam Aug 11 '15 at 5:00
  • Same error: Couldn't find User with 'id'= – Cherenkov Aug 11 '15 at 5:05
  • show me the params hash please. – K M Rakibul Islam Aug 11 '15 at 5:07

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