I have built a form using angular-formly. Visually, all is looking and behaving well. I am having trouble getting the value of the various fields within the form on submit (so that I can pass them to various calls to save the data).

Here is my code:

vm.occupationInfoFields = [
        key: 'occupation',
        type: 'occupationSelect'

<form ng-submit="vm.onSubmit()" name="vm.occupationInfoForm" novalidate>
    <div class="panel__body" style="padding: 15px; border-top: 1px solid gainsboro">
        <formly-form model="vm.occupationInfo" fields="vm.occupationInfoFields" form="vm.occupationInfoForm">
            <button type="submit"  class="btn">SUBMIT</button>

Within the OnSubmit function, I have tried getting the value of this field from the vm.occupationInfoForm but nothing is jumping out at me.

Any suggestions?

EDIT: I was expecting something like this to work but it returned Undefined: vm.occupationInfoForm.occupation

EDIT 2: I should have specified that I am having trouble accessing only the fields that use the type listed above (occupationSelect). If I have a field that uses the normal INPUT type (or a custom type that extends INPUT), the value is added to the model once I modify the field and thus I have access to it. However, when I change the selected value for the occupationSelect it does not get added to the model.


As I explained on the issue on github

The values are assigned to the model that you pass in. So instead of vm.occupationInfoForm.occupation, your values will be on vm.occupationInfo.occupation.

  • Thanks for the double reply :) I should have also mentioned that I am only seeing this problem with my occupationSelect keys. If I have a normal input field (or a new type that I created that extends the input type), the values are being added to the model with no problem and I can easily reference them. But when I change the selected value in the dropdown...the doesn't get added to the model and thus I cannot access it. – Holt Aug 11 '15 at 17:30
  • Could you please create an example of this behavior? help.angular-formly.com – kentcdodds Aug 11 '15 at 18:14
  • 1
    Bah, I suck. I realized that I didn't have the ng-model setup correctly for this type. Once I updated the value within this type it is updating the model correctly with the selected value. Thanks for the help. – Holt Aug 12 '15 at 13:03

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