Long story short: I'd like to get the pointer to the current process' first level translation table on MIPS.

On x86 I get it from CR3. On ARM I use TTBR for this purpose. How to do this on MIPS (without accessing current task_struct->mm->pgd)?

Here is some elaboration on why I need it.

I have to get some info on the current process in Linux running in QEMU system emulator. My code runs on the host, as a part of QEMU. Lets assume that I know all the relevant offsets in the guest kernel structures.

When the guest is in kernel mode (if it's not a kernel thread), it is possible to get the current task_struct directly, via thread_info that is located on the kernel stack.

However, when the guest is in user mode, I have to traverse the task_struct list, comparing each task->mm->pgd (actually the appropriate physical address) to the current translation table pointer. The latter is what I'm looking for.


The PTE base address can be read from the MIPS CP0 Context register (#4).

See chapter 16 of See MIPS Run: Low-level Memory Management and the TLB.

  • CP0 least significant byte seems to contain an "asid" (address-space id), but it seems to be unrelated to mm->pgd (or at least I can't see how to derive one from another). However, I found that struct mm contains this asid in some other field, which opens some perspective... – Igor R. Aug 13 '15 at 21:30

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