Im trying to use couchDB, ektorp to store and query data If i have documents like

    colour:red   manufaturedDate: 12/8/2015

how can i create a view and query it.. so i can answer give me all Sofas that are in a set or arbitrary colours AND have been manufactured between certain days..

the user can search for what ever colours they want and select whatever days they like in sudo SQL i would write something like

select* from Sofa where manufaturedDate is inbetween date1 and date 2 and colour in ('red', 'blue', 'orange');

But im having difficulty creating the equivilant in couchDB/ektorp i can create view

[red, 12/8/2015] = {Sofa1}

I know i can search by mutilpe keys but i dont know how to query it using both "types" of criteria.

i can either do

ComplexKey start = ComplexKey.of(query.getStartKey());
ComplexKey end = ComplexKey.of(query.getEndKey());


for(Object[] sample:query.getKeyValues()){

How can i do both.. Am i looking at this the wrong way?

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