I'm using Ionic to develop a scan application to validate tickets at events. Since their are usually large cues, the focus of the app is speed. I'm using BarcodeScanner plugin for Cordova. Out of the box, a scan action opens the camera, scans a code, closes the camera, and then gives me the code. Since opening and closing the camera takes up time, I would like to change this plugin to keeping the camera open, and having a popup on top of the camera feed when a code is scanned.

I know I probably have to change the source files of the plugin, but I have no idea where to start. Maybe someone else has experience with this?

Any other free Cordova plugin which supports this is fine too. Or maybe use a Barcode Scanner written in JS, like QuaggaJS? How would I implement this in my Ionic app? Because I figure I'll need to have camera access permission.


Hi this problem is not about the plugin which you are using, the issue is your mobile is loaded with full of app's i think and it may have less ram memory so that's why it will take some time to open and closing the camera

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