I've written a C# Windows service (.NET Framework 3.5, C# 3.0) that posts files & HTML form information to a remote server, and then stores the XML server response in a database. Here is the main chunk of pertinent code:

    HttpWebRequest request = WebRequest.Create(postUrl) as HttpWebRequest;

    request.ProtocolVersion = HttpVersion.Version10;
    request.KeepAlive = false;
    request.Timeout = 600000;
    request.ReadWriteTimeout = 600000;
    request.Method = "POST";
    request.ContentType = contentType;
    request.UserAgent = userAgent;
    request.CookieContainer = new CookieContainer();
    request.ContentLength = formData.Length;

    using (Stream requestStream = request.GetRequestStream())
        // Push it out there
        requestStream.Write(formData, 0, formData.Length);

    return request.GetResponse() as HttpWebResponse;

My service works properly for all small files, but I get the following error when I try to send larger files (8-9 MB).

    The underlying connection was closed: An unexpected error occurred on a receive.

I looked at the outgoing request using Fiddler, and was able to glean the following info:

    HTTP/1.1 504 Fiddler - Receive Failure
    Content-Type: text/html
    Connection: close
    Timestamp: 12:25:04.067

    ReadResponse() failed: The server did not return a response for this request.

The failure occurs ~7 minutes after I call request.GetResponse(). Is there any way to identify who shut down the connection? And is there anything else I should try on my end to resolve this issue? Thanks in advance!


Since you mention it working for small files, but not larger, I'd suggest checking the max file upload size on the server. I believe the default is 4mb. http://support.microsoft.com/kb/295626

EDIT: Noticed the link above is somewhat out of date. Here's one for iis7: http://www.cyprich.com/2008/06/19/fixing-file-upload-size-limit-in-iis-7/

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  • This is a C# Windows service running locally on my machine, and I'm targeting the .NET 3.5 framework (the first link mentioned 1.0 & 1.1). Is there somewhere else on my local PC I should be looking for this setting? – Mass Dot Net Jul 7 '10 at 17:42
  • Hence the 2nd link which is newer. This applies to the server receiving the upload. Is that a server that you control? – Rebecca Chernoff Jul 7 '10 at 17:48
  • I have no control over the receiving server -- the only one I have access to is the source server (my local PC). – Mass Dot Net Jul 7 '10 at 17:52
  • The problem does not sound like it is on your end. I guess maybe test if 4mb is the limit? Is the receiving server even IIS? Do you have a contact for someone on the receiving end? – Rebecca Chernoff Jul 7 '10 at 18:07
  • I suspect it's on the receiving server's end -- which I doubt the is running Windows, btw. But I wanted to rule out all of the obvious stuff on my end first. I'm going to contact an admin on the receiving end now, but I fear he'll just tell me to look at the settings on my end again. – Mass Dot Net Jul 7 '10 at 18:44

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