I'm trying to write the part of my app so that it handles session timeouts gracefully, but I can't seem to control how the duration of time before a timeout occurs for testing.

I am using JBoss 5.1, and I am modifying the session-config my web descriptor (web.xml) such that the session times out after a minute (just for testing)


But after creating a session by logging in, it never times out. No setting that I give it causes a timeout.

In a tomcat environment, I haven't had this problem. Has anyone had a similar problem with JBoss?

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    Hi, I am facing the same issue where I am using Jboss 5.1 server and my session timeout doesnt work. I have tried the above steps by setting in deployers/jbossweb.deployer/web.xml . Also i tried by programmatically forcing the timeout using - HttpSession.setMaxInactiveInterval(int seconds) But still it doesnt get timed out. Please suggest – Sunayna Jan 31 '11 at 1:28

JBoss 5 allows you to define a session timeout for all applications at:


It may be that is overriding your settings in web.xml. It shouldn't, but, you know...

Check if changing that is working. If not, you can set up the timeout programatically for your test:

HttpSession.setMaxInactiveInterval(int seconds)

That way you can force the timeout in a particular session.


Sadly in JBoss EAP 6.1.0.Alpha1 (AS 7.2.0.Alpha1-redhat-4) we're back to having to set it per web app in web.xml: See the JBoss docs.

Which say use this:


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