I'm trying to set up some form validation for a Gravity Form that I've created. One of the fields that I need to validate is a US ZIP code. I want to pass ZIPs that follow the nnnnn and nnnnn-nnnn patterns. Here's my code:

    if ( $field->type == 'address' ) {

    $zip = rgar( $value, $field->id . '.5' );

    if ( preg_match( "(^(?!0{5})(\d{5})(?!-?0{4})(|-\d{4})?$)", $zip ) && ! $field->get_input_property( '5', 'isHidden' )
    ) {
        $result['is_valid'] = false;
        $result['message']  = empty( $field->errorMessage ) ? __( 'Please enter a valid ZIP code (ie. 00000 or 00000-0000).', 'gravityforms' ) : $field->errorMessage;
    } else {
        $result['is_valid'] = true;
        $result['message']  = '';

My form continues to fail validation and I can't figure out why. I've double checked that .5 is the correct input field number of the ZIP code. Any suggestions?

My form can be found at http://marcusjones.wpengine.com/

  • Try preg_match('/^(?!0{5})(\d{5})(?!-?0{4})(|-\d{4})$/', $zip, $matches). Pay attention to single apostrophes around the regex. – Wiktor Stribiżew Aug 13 '15 at 6:57
  • @stribizhev Still no dice. I'm thinking this is a Gravity Forms specific issue… perhaps syntax? No regex seems to pass validation. – marcusnjones Aug 13 '15 at 14:33

shouldn't be easier to use:


or other function fe:

function isValidPostalCode(postalCode, countryCode) {
switch (countryCode) {
    case "US":
        postalCodeRegex = /^([0-9]{5})(?:[-\s]*([0-9]{4}))?$/;
        postalCodeRegex = /^(?:[A-Z0-9]+([- ]?[A-Z0-9]+)*)?$/;
return postalCodeRegex.test(postalCode);

and "if" you'll add quite simple.

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