I have to add a materialize tooltip to an input in a form in Ember templates.

{{input class="card-panel grey lighten-3 form-field tooltipped" data-position="bottom" data-delay="50" data-tooltip="I am tooltip" value=project_title id="project_title" placeholder="Project Title"}}

For this to work, I need to add

$(document).ready(function(){$('.tooltipped').tooltip({delay: 50});});

I am not able to understand where to add this code for the tooltip to show. I tried in the application_view.js in the views folder but it didn't work


Add an initializer that reopens TextSupport. In initializers/tooltip.js:

export default {
  name: "tooltip",

  initialize: function(container){
      initTooltip: function(){
          this.$().tooltip({delay: 50});

Should work.

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