I am using Protractor's addMockModule functionality to mock some request data, but am having issues with the target Angular app being in strict mode.

This is the error:

Failed: unknown error: [$injector:strictdi] function($httpBackend) is not using explicit annotation and cannot be invoked in strict mode

This is the code:

    var httpBackendMock = function() {
        angular.module('httpBackendMock', ['my-app', 'ngMockE2E'])
                var expected_response = {"limit": 1}

            $httpBackend.whenGET(/homepage/).respond(function() {
                return [200, expected_response];

    browser.addMockModule('httpBackendMock', httpBackendMock);      

Is there a way how I can explicitly inject $httpBackend in Angular's context here?


Try to explicitly provide dependencies for your run block:

.run(['$httpBackend', function($httpBackend) {
    //     ^^^ - inject explicitly

This is basically the idea behind strict mode, that it forces you to set injection explicitly (docs).

Alternative approach looks like:

angular.module('app', []).run(runBlock);

runBlock.$inject = ['$httpBackend'];

function runBlock($httpBackend) {
    // ...
  • Thank you for your help! The alternative approach worked great :) – magicode118 Aug 13 '15 at 8:57

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