I found plenty of answers on how to suppress scientific notation in pandas, but how do I enable it? I found the option pd.set_option('precision', 2) but it does not turn large numbers into scientific notation.

For example, I would like the number 123066.14 to be formatted as 1.23E+5. I am using a pandas.DataFrame, and it would be useful to set the formatting for an entire column when exporting/printing.


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OK, I figured this out, you can use set_option and pass a format string to option 'display.float_format':

In [76]:
pd.set_option('display.float_format', '{:.2g}'.format)

In [78]:

0   1e-08
dtype: float64


to match your desired output:

In [79]:
pd.set_option('display.float_format', '{:.2E}'.format)

0   1.00E-08
dtype: float64
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    By the way, I found :.2E to be a better formatting. It uses a capital E while also ensuring 2 digits after the decimal point. The g mode will hide the second 0.
    – sougonde
    Aug 13, 2015 at 9:22

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