Protocol Buffer has field type "oneof".

I have read the documentation and have defined message. But not sure how to use it in application. Can someone provide me an example to use in in Java.

-Set one message of oneofRequest fields

-Know which message I have set

-Fetch the info set in step 1

    message TypeA
        oneof OneOfRequest 
            TypeX getX;
            TypeY getY;
            TypeZ getZ;

   message TypeX 
       uint32 pos;
   message TypeY
        uint32 type;
   message TypeZ
       string name;

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I know this question has been posted for a while. Since I was having the same sort of question and no one answered, I would post my answer here just in case if some one is needing.

My answer is simply use builder, which is generated by wire, a tool I think is really helpful to play with protobuf in java/android. For more info, see https://github.com/square/wire .

Once you have wire included in your project and your proto class get generated correctly, you should be able to use it easily. Since all the class generated would have a inner class builder,

you can initialize your it by: $yourclass.Builder().build

and you can decode it using Wire class

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