I use Mysql Workbench to connect my database,[Hostname Port and Username are as shown in figure ,and password is right[1]

Hostname Port and Username are as shown in figure ,and password is right.When I click Test Connection ,it show as above.But if i use 3307 in place of 3306 as port,it connect sucessfully. What matter lead that and how I fix it?

I use macbook pro and I don't know check which my.cnf. I use sudo vim /usr/local/mysql/my.cnf in terminal .
And the my.cnf is as below:


And I rewite it as below:



But it does not work.

  • Is your your mysql running on 3307 or 3306 port??? Aug 15, 2015 at 7:47
  • 1
    please check your mysql configuration my.cnf the port should be port=3306 https://dev.mysql.com/
    – ichadhr
    Aug 15, 2015 at 7:47
  • @DarshanPatel yes, it is running Aug 15, 2015 at 7:48
  • 1
    but on which port??? check my.cnf as @ichadhr suggested Aug 15, 2015 at 7:49
  • 2
    @Sajad You must be kidding. That is the standard port for an HTTP server. This is a database.
    – user207421
    Aug 15, 2015 at 8:39

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1 - Right click on your task bar -->Start Task Manager

2 - Click on Services button (at bottom).

3 - Search for MYSQL57

4 - Right Click on MYSQL57 --> Start

Now again start your mysql-cmd-prompt or MYSQL WorkBench

  • 8
    mysql is not coming in services. What to do now? Jan 23, 2020 at 15:26
  • 1
    which task bar?.... Jan 4, 2022 at 15:46
  • @Martian2049 THE Task bar. On Windows you can only have one Task bar.
    – FireFuro99
    Jan 17, 2022 at 22:51
  • 1
    @FireFuro99 To be fair, there are also various programs with their own task bars in them. So, to take away ambiguity, it probably should have said Right click on the Windows Task Bar.
    – kojow7
    May 8, 2023 at 15:41
  • @FireFuro99 The poster clearly said they were on a MacBook Pro. Jan 21 at 4:41

I had this exact problem after my last windows update and none of the above solutions worked. I know it's an old question, but if anyone has this problem in the future:

I managed to solve it by going to windows control panel > administrative tools > Component Services and finding "MySQL57" in the Services(local) list (I assume your server might have a slightly different name).

There I went to properties by right clicking and changed the Startup Type to Automatic under the General tab. Then I went on the Log On tab and checked "Allow Service to interact with Desktop".

If none of that works, you can try checking the "This account" box and filling both password fields with the root password you set up after installing the server (leave account blank).

I know it's a lot to do and most of these steps must be innefective, but I did it all at once and frankly have no clue which one solved the problem. Good luck I hope it helps.

  • This issue if its not your password. Is most certainly that the MySQL80 services is not running. So, that's the one that solves the issue. ...checkout out your services window and start service for MySQL80
    – kings
    Jul 4, 2023 at 10:01

Open System Preference > MySQL > Initialize Database > Use Legacy Password Encription


Try to execute below command in your terminal :

mysql -h localhost -P 3306 -u root -p

If you successfully connect to your database, then same thing has to happen with Mysql Workbench.

If you are unable to connect then I think 3306 port is acquired by another process.

Find which process running on 3306 port. If required, give admin privileges using sudo.

netstat -lnp | grep 3306

Kill/stop that process and restart your MySQL server. You are good to go.

Execute below command to find my.cnf file in macbook.

mysql --help | grep cnf

You can change MySQL port to any available port in your system. But after that, make sure you restart MySQL server.

  • I use your command and show as below : ` order of preference, my.cnf, $MYSQL_TCP_PORT, /etc/my.cnf /etc/mysql/my.cnf /usr/local/mysql/etc/my.cnf ~/.my.cnf ` I check the four file ,and all then are empty.Why and what to do for me? Aug 15, 2015 at 8:53
  • I use mysql -h localhost -P 3306 -u root -p to connect , but it show Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/tmp/mysql.sock' (2) I use mysql --help | grep cnf it show nothing. Aug 15, 2015 at 9:38
  • then use netstat commnad to find out which process is running for port 3306 and also execute mysql -h localhost -P 3307 -u root -p. If you got success with 3307 then your MySQL server is running on 3307 port. Aug 15, 2015 at 9:59
  • This works well on PC, but the command is : netstat -a -n -o ... on the command line (you may need admin privs) ... and then take the PID from the last column and look it up on the details pane of Task Manager (CTL+SHIFT+ESC) I was able to determine that yes, MySql is on that port ... Sadly, that doesn't mean that I actually solved the problem, but it's a great diagnostic step. ++ Nov 19, 2018 at 16:55
  • 1
    This worked for CLI but I still can't connect in workbench. What might my issue be? May 4, 2020 at 23:08

It worked for me this way:

Step1: Open System Preference > MySQL > Initialize Database.

Step2: Put password you used while installing MySQL.

Step3: Start MySQL server.

Step4: Come back to MySQL Workbench and double connect/ create a new one.


Go to system preferences, then "MySQL"

Click on "Start MySQL Server"

Go to system preferences, then "MySQL". Click on "Start MySQL Server".


On window, work for me.

1 - Open "Service"

2 - Search for MYSQL

3 - Right Click on MYSQL80 --> Start

Hope it work in your MySQL Workbench

Thank you!!!

enter image description here


MySQL default port is 3306 but it may be unavailable for some reasons, try to restart your machine. Also sesrch for your MySQL configuration file (should be called "my.cnf") and check if the used port is 3306 or 3307, if is 3307 you can change it to 3306 and then reboot your MySQL server.


Go to >system preferences >mysql >initialize database

-Change password -Click use legacy password -Click start sql server

it should work now


I re-downloaded many times and found out it's so simple!


1. SQL Community Server https://dev.mysql.com/downloads/mysql/ This is what shows up in "System Preferences" and allows you to start the instance!

2. MYSQL Workbench https://dev.mysql.com/downloads/workbench/ This is what you're trying to fix.. Once the Instance is on you can successfully connect :)

(for macOS system users)


At rigth side in Navigator -> Instance-> Click on Startup/Shutdown -> Click on Start Server

It will work surely

  1. go to apple icon on the top left corn and click "System Preference"

  2. find "Mysql" at the bottom and click it

  3. "start Mysql server"


It failed because there is no server install on your computer. You need to Download 'MySQL Community Server 8.0.17' & restart your server.

  1. set root user to mysql_native_password

$ sudo mysql -u root -p # I had to use "sudo" since is new installation

mysql:~ USE mysql;
mysql:~ SELECT User, Host, plugin FROM mysql.user;
mysql:~ UPDATE user SET plugin='mysql_native_password' WHERE User='root';
mysql:~ exit;

$ service mysql restart


I got the same problem on MACOS. I did the following. Make sure MySQL Server is installed.

  1. Command + Space -> Type mysql. Open the option mysql.prefPane
  2. Click on the button Stop MySQL Server. Let the server stop.
  3. Click on Initialize Database button
  4. A new Popup will open. Type the password you want for root user.
  5. Once the password is long enough, OK button will get enabled. Click on OK button
  6. Do Test Connection from MySQL WorkBench and enter the password you set in above step. It should work.

For those of you getting this on an SQL Server container on docker, when you do the run command, be sure you put -p 3306:3306 so for example, my run command looks like docker run --name test-mysql -p 3306:3306 -e MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD=your_password -d mysql


in my.ini check option skip-networking under [mysqld]. It should be off.

skip-networking = OFF
  • 1
    see: superuser.com/questions/578678/…. The = OFF is not needed, this is default and skip-networking is also not needed because default this option is disabled (see: skip-networking )
    – Luuk
    Mar 4, 2023 at 16:02
  • When I install maria db I turned off this feature and got this problem. When I look in doc - I found this valiarble and after look in my ini and found it with ON value. Mar 4, 2023 at 16:44
  • The linke skip-networking does not need not exist, when you need network access to MySQL. There is only a need for adding skip-networking when you set it to ON (or 1)
    – Luuk
    Mar 4, 2023 at 16:51

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