Since upgrading Django, I've been getting this error in iPython when I do imports:

RuntimeWarning: Model 'docket.search' was already registered. Reloading models is not advised as it can lead to inconsistencies, most notably with related models.

I'm guessing this is some automatic feature of iPython, but is there an easy solution? Is this something I even need to solve?


Exactly the same problem had happened to me. The problem was that I had defined a model twice! Removing one of them solved the problem.

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    2 secs after reading your answer i was able to fix it. Automatic 'code refactoring' from my IDE was the cause. (We all know which one it is)
    – user528025
    May 12 '20 at 11:00
  • Yes duplicated models, I did it by mistake in git merge.
    – allexiusw
    Feb 9 '21 at 20:01

I have gotten this error because of automatic imports I had in my __init__.py. I had some old code that imported by signals there, and moving that import code to AppConfig instead fixed it.


Check in your models if you don't got a duplicate class model, sometimes when we make a rebase or merge in our existing branches, our code can be duplicated, i had the same problem, isn't a big deal.


It is saying that you have already registered the model before Hence by deleting the second model or writing the code in the specified model is the solution for this .

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