I am following this sample to implement a background server universal app. Here is the experimental code:

void MainPage::OnConnectionReceived(StreamSocketListener^ sender, StreamSocketListenerConnectionReceivedEventArgs^ args)
     OutputDebugString(L"Connection received\n");

     // No idea how to transfer request handling from foreground to background task!

void MainPage::OnNavigatedTo(NavigationEventArgs^ e)
    // Code to register background task is omitted

    auto listener = ref new StreamSocketListener();
    listener->Control->QualityOfService = SocketQualityOfService::Normal;

        listener->EnableTransferOwnership(Task->TaskId, SocketActivityConnectedStandbyAction::Wake);
    catch (...)
        OutputDebugString(L"Error: cannot transfer ownership\n");

    listener->ConnectionReceived += ref new TypedEventHandler<StreamSocketListener^, StreamSocketListenerConnectionReceivedEventArgs^>(this, &MainPage::OnConnectionReceived);

    create_task(listener->BindServiceNameAsync("56789", SocketProtectionLevel::PlainSocket))
        OutputDebugString(L"Server started on port 56789\n");

        auto m_httpClient = ref new HttpClient();
        auto request = ref new HttpRequestMessage(HttpMethod::Get, ref new Uri("http://" + ip + ":56789/"));
        auto request_operation = m_httpClient->SendRequestAsync(request, HttpCompletionOption::ResponseContentRead);

        return create_task(request_operation);
    }).then([this](task<HttpResponseMessage^> previousTask)
        try {
            auto response = previousTask.get();
            // Code to process the response is omitted as it is irrelevant to the question
        catch (Exception^ ex)
            OutputDebugString(("Error: " + ex->Message + "\n")->Data());

At run time, I get the error: The attempted operation is not supported for the type of object referenced. which suggests that BindServiceNameAsync fails and I have no idea why as I have followed the documentation to do EnableTransferOwnership before doing the binding. What did I do wrong here?


You are getting The attempted operation is not supported for the type of object referenced. because you are using SocketActivityConnectedStandbyAction::Wake. Change it to SocketActivityConnectedStandbyAction::DoNotWake.

The following pseudo-code should give you an idea what else you need to do to make StreamSocketListener working with SocketActivityTrigger:

// TODO: task = socketTaskBuilder.Register();

socketListener = new StreamSocketListener();

socketListener.ConnectionReceived += OnConnected;

await socketListener.BindServiceNameAsync(port);


// This is required, otherwise you may get error:
// A device attached to the system is not functioning.
// (Exception from HRESULT: 0x8007001F)
await socketListener.CancelIOAsync();


Then, in the background task do:

public async void Run(IBackgroundTaskInstance taskInstance)
    var deferral = taskInstance.GetDeferral();

    var details = taskInstance.TriggerDetails as

    var socketInformation = details.SocketInformation;
    var streamSocket = socketInformation.StreamSocket;
    var socketListener = socketInformation.StreamSocketListener;

    switch (details.Reason)
        case SocketActivityTriggerReason.ConnectionAccepted:

            // TODO: read, write, etc.

            // ...


    // ...

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  • This works but once in a while, the app cannot be launched and I get Activation of the app for the Windows.Launch contract failed with error: The remote procedure call failed. in the event viewer. The only way I know to fix is to ... restart the machine. – An Hoa Aug 17 '15 at 17:11
  • Do you mean the background task does not launch when receiving a connection? Or is it something else? – kiewic Aug 17 '15 at 17:14
  • Background task does launch; but when resuming, it just never pass the splash screen and the event viewer shows activation error as mentioned. I localize the problem to my attempt to reclaim ownership of the StreamSocketListener via SocketActivityInformation::AllSockets as instructed in these slides. I will prepare the code on GitHub and will update then. – An Hoa Aug 17 '15 at 17:59
  • Here is my code. The MainPage file highlights the various problems that I encountered. – An Hoa Aug 17 '15 at 19:37

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