I am writing test cases for my spring restful services. We have a put service in the controller, the syntax is as follows

@RequestMapping(value="/update", method=RequestMethod.PUT)
public @ResponseBody List<PaidUpResponse> updateStatus(
       @RequestBody @Valid PaidUpRequest paidUpRequest,
       HttpServletRequest request, HttpServletResponse response) {

to write test case, I used the following method


but it is giving compilation error, saying "The method put(String) is undefined". could you suggest me how to test put method?

  • Check Type of your mockMvc Object. How do you instantiate this Object ? Normally the call of this method is correct. – sven.kwiotek Aug 16 '15 at 17:02

You have to import the appropriate dependency:

import static org.springframework.test.web.servlet.request.MockMvcRequestBuilders.put;


import static org.springframework.test.web.servlet.request.MockMvcRequestBuilders.*;
  • Thank you so much Evil Toad, it is working. thanks alot. – Suja C Aug 16 '15 at 17:40

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