Basically, I have a okayButton that sits in a stage and when it is clicked , it performs a list of tasks. Now I want to bind the Enter key to this button such that when it is clicked OR the ENTER key is pressed, it performs a list of tasks.

    okayButton.setOnAction(e -> {       

How can I do that ? I have read the following post already. However, it did not help me to achieve what I want to do.

  • You don't mention if the button should be focused while pressing Enter or if it should be a global binding – Dici Aug 16 '15 at 18:22
  • What do you mean "focused"? – mynameisJEFF Aug 16 '15 at 18:22
  • Can I have an answer for both ? – mynameisJEFF Aug 16 '15 at 18:24
  • If it's focus, just setting an onAction handler should work, if it's not... wait a minute – Dici Aug 16 '15 at 18:26

First, set a hanlder on your button :

okayButton.setOnAction(e -> {       

If the button has the focus, pressing Enter will automatically call this handler. Otherwise, you can do this in your start method :

public void start(Stage primaryStage) {
      // ...
      Node root = ...;

      Scene scene = new Scene(root, 0, 0);

private void setGlobalEventHandler(Node root) {
    root.addEventHandler(KeyEvent.KEY_PRESSED, ev -> {
        if (ev.getCode() == KeyCode.ENTER) {

If you have only one button of this kind, you can use the following method instead.

  • I don't understand your question. You want to perform some action when the button is clicked right ? So just code this action, it's your handler. – Dici Aug 16 '15 at 18:47
  • sorry i misunderstood your answer. Forget about what I said. – mynameisJEFF Aug 16 '15 at 18:52

You can dynamically change the default button property of the currently focused button by using binding


I've had the same problem like mynameisJEFF. (I'm using Windows and as I read here: http://mail.openjdk.java.net/pipermail/openjfx-dev/2016-June/019234.html it is the SPACE_BAR and not ENTER, which fires a Button in JavaFX) I didn't want to add a listener to every Button, so I registered a Listener to the root node and asked the scene, which node is focused to fire that one. Here is my code (it is xtend, but I think it very easy to understand):

override start(Stage primaryStage) throws Exception {
    val root = FXTable.createRoot
    val mainScene = new Scene(root)
    root.addEventHandler(KeyEvent.KEY_RELEASED, [event|
        if(event.code === KeyCode.ENTER){
            switch(focusedNode : mainScene.focusOwnerProperty.get){
    primaryStage.scene = mainScene
    primaryStage.maximized = true

There is a much more simple a standard way to do that using setOnKeyPressed

okayButton.setOnKeyPressed(event -> {
        if (event.getCode().equals(KeyCode.ENTER)) {

And don't forget that you should define SetOnAction too, other way it's work but it's doing nothing.

okayButton.setOnAction(event -> {
        // Do what ever you want to your button do. Like :
        System.Out.Print("Okay Button Fired (Clicked or Pressed");

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