I've started learning gulp and I'm dealing with a small issue.
I have the following file:

//Test gulp file 
var gulp = require("gulp"), 
    uglify = require("gulp-uglify"); 

//Scripts task 
gulp.task("scripts", function(){ 
    console.log("run scripts"); 
        .pipe(gulp.dest("public/src/js/home/bundle"));  //Use *.js to uglify all 

gulp.task("default", []); 

When trying to execute the file using:

npm run gulp scripts 

It does not execute the assigned task.
However, when I add it to the parameters of the default:

gulp.task("default", ["scripts"]); 

It does work when I run

npm run gulp  

I installed gulp locally in my project folder.
Any reason why passing the "scripts" parameter doesn't work?


Only npm >= 2 pass arguments to scripts, it's a part of the new features as you can see in "why 2.0.0?" part here


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