I've configured and installed Ruby 2.2.2 with DTrace enabled (--enable-dtrace).

It appears to have done so successfully: "checking whether dtrace USDT is available... yes" and "dtrace" on another check (instead of "no").

Testing with:

sudo dtrace -c 'ruby -v' -l -m ruby


dtrace: failed to match :ruby::: No probe matches description

I did see dtrace probes missing on yosemite system ruby, but that's RVM and I install with a local user account (sudo-less).

Has someone with a similar configuration made this work and, if so, how?


Also: RbConfig::CONFIG['DTRACE'] outputs dtrace in IRB.

I've Googled and DDG'd the heck out of this question, so I think an answer from someone's own experience would be necessary to help...

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    Following this guide: ploughthroughruby.co.uk/2013/04/10/dtrace-probes-in-ruby-2.html, I can modify the probe to specify "ruby*:::method-entry" (three colons required, versus the two in the post) and see output "dtrace: description 'ruby*:::method-entry ' matched 2 probes." However there's no columnar output specifying classes and access counts. – SexxLuthor Oct 1 '15 at 1:33

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