I have installed extension 'calico-document-tools' and I can load it from within Jupyter notebook using:


How can I load it automatically for each opened notebook?

I tried adding IPython.load_extensions('calico-document-tools'); or IPython.load_extensions('C:/Users/<username>/.ipython/nbextensions/calico-document-tools'); to C:\Users\<username>\.ipython\profile_default\static\custom\custom.js but it didn't work (extension should display a number of buttons on the toolbar).

I have only one profile, created with ipython profile create, Python 3.3, Windows 7. Thanks in advance.

  • pip install jupyter_contrib_nbextensions && jupyter nbextension enable collapsible_headings/main, for example – grisaitis Oct 8 '18 at 22:35

To install the extensions I followed the instructions in this notebook (not available anymore).

I adjusted them a little to be compatible with ipython4 (where the notebook server is called jupyter). This command installs the extension globally:

$ jupyter nbextension install https://github.com/Calysto/notebook-extensions/archive/master.zip

Then enable this extension:

$ jupyter nbextension enable calico-document-tools

When you now open or reload a notebook, it should load the extension

Updating the config to enable the extensions can also be done from inside the notebook:

  "load_extensions": {"calico-spell-check":true,

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