I'm following this tutorial on installing ARR. I've installed ARR using Web PI in Windows 2008 R2.

The second step in the tutorial is:

Double click the “Application Request Routing Cache” icon

Under the server node, I cannot find this icon.


1) Remove all components of the ISS through ccleaner or standard means of windows.
2) Clean cache and regedit (optional but desirable)
3) Re-install the components that you need to manually downloading them from the microsoft site (for ARR is the following installation sequence: -WebDeployversion 2.0 (without him was not installed WebFarmFrameworkversion 2.2)

  • WebPlatformInstaller 3.0 (without him was not installed WebFarmFrameworkversion 2.2)
  • WebFarmFrameworkversion 2.2 (version 1.1 on R2 does not want to work)
  • External Cache version 1.0
  • URL Rewrite version 2.0
  • ARR Version 3.0)

4) Restart the ISS manager


I was able to create reverse proxies by clicking on Site, URL Rewrite, Add Rule and Reverse Proxy.

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