how to connect device in xcode without cable. it is tedious to connect the cable and my USB is lil bit loose, so it disconnects from PC.


Over wifi installing and debugging of applications is not possible in ios.

But there are some websites where you can upload your builds and then download on device and test it.

WiFi debugging has never been supported in any public releases of Xcode yet.

But officially, this isn't supported.


It will be now possible with the latest update of Xcode 9.

Cut the Cord

Choose any of your iOS or tvOS devices on the local network to install, run, and debug your apps – without a USB cord plugged into your Mac. Simply click the ‘Connect via Network’ checkbox the first time you use a new iOS device, and that device will be available over the network from that point forward. Wireless development also works in other apps, including Instruments, Accessibility Inspector, Quicktime Player, and Console.

Check this for the latest updates.


Wireless debugging is possible now with XCode 9.x and iOS 11.x. Check my answer here for steps to connect device for wireless debugging.


This is now officially supported as a built-in feature in Xcode 9.

How do you perform wireless debugging in Xcode 9 with iOS 11, Apple TV 4K, etc?

  • I am excited for this feature too. I wonder how many devices can be networked up at once. – Zhang Jun 6 '17 at 5:04

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