I need to find the owner of files in a script running on Windows, Linux and Mac. os.stat returns the owner id, but on windows I can't use getpwuid to find the actual name of the owner. I need the name as a string.


It seems like you won't find a silver bullet (cross platform). For windows you can use the win32 module like shown here

import win32api
import win32con
import win32security

FILENAME = "temp.txt"
open (FILENAME, "w").close ()

print "I am", win32api.GetUserNameEx (win32con.NameSamCompatible)

sd = win32security.GetFileSecurity (FILENAME, win32security.OWNER_SECURITY_INFORMATION)
owner_sid = sd.GetSecurityDescriptorOwner ()
name, domain, type = win32security.LookupAccountSid (None, owner_sid)

print "File owned by %s\\%s" % (domain, name)
  • What is the purpose of opening the file for writing? – stib Aug 18 '15 at 11:51
  • It is for the sake of the example only (to make sure the example can run with a file that already exists). Then it gets the domain and name from that file. – zom-pro Aug 18 '15 at 12:13

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