The Mask Passwords plugin only allows for preset passwords to be passed in to the build process, so it really does nothing for the security of the Job.

I need a password parameter that needs to be entered every time the job is run (as a parameter) and I need that to be masked in the console output.

From what I am reading, going to Manage Jenkins -> Configure System and selecting to mask Password Parameters should work, but it is not for some reason.. any suggestions?


Tested with Jenkins 1.609.1 and Mask Passwords Plugin 2.7.3. You need to activate it in the "Configure System" and also in the job you want to use this. In the job configuration is a point "Mask passwords" which must be activated and then will use the global config to mask passwords.


in case that you have a Linux builder you can hide the output of the shell command under the execute shell in the command text box just add in the first line the line:

#!/bin/bash +x
some other commands...

this will hide only the output of the command with the password in the console output

  • Thanks, this is what I was looking for! – infiniteloop Jun 30 '17 at 16:23
  • But this doesn't hide Cloudfoundry apps password on Jenkins console. – Achilleus Sep 1 '17 at 14:20

I am using here "Inject passwords to the build as environment variables" form "Build Environment". It's really works great. it will hide passwords form console. Even more it also hide user input passwords through "password parameter"

Really cool !! :)


You can use credentials. Add secret text credentials and give and id that you'll use like the following:

          withCredentials([string(credentialsId: 'DOCKER_USER', variable: 'DOCKER_USER'), string(credentialsId: 'DOCKER_PASSWORD', variable: 'DOCKER_PASSWORD')]) {
            sh "docker login -u $DOCKER_USER -p $DOCKER_PASSWORD"
            sh "docker push '$DOCKER_USER/appName:test'" 

DOCKER_USER AND DOCKER_PASSWORD are in the jenkins credentials store and will be replaced by *** in the logs


you can use Mask Passwords Plugin this is very use https://wiki.jenkins-ci.org/display/JENKINS/Mask+Passwords+Plugin


Please find below my findings with solution [without using Mask Passwords plugin]:

Brief Description about my jenkins job: I wrote a job which downloads the artifacts from Nexus based on the parameters given at run-time and then makes a Database SQL connection and deploy the SQL scripts using maven flyway plugin. My job takes - Environment, Database Schema, Artifact version number, Flyway command, Database User and it's password as input parameters.

Brief Background about problem: While passing the PASSWORD as MAVEN GOAL (Parameter), it was coming in Jenkins Console as a plain text. Although I was using "Password Parameter" to pass the password at run-time but then also it was coming as plain text in console.

I tried to use the "secret text" to encrypt the password but then my job started failing because the encrypted password was getting passed to Maven Goals, which was not able to connect to DB.


I used "Inject passwords to the build as environment variables" from Build Environment and defined its value as my "password parameter" (my password parameter name was db_password) which I am passing as parameter at run-time (eg.: I defined my inject password value as : ${db_password} ).

And this is working as expected. The password which I am passing while running my job is coming as [*******]

[console log: Executing Maven: -B -f /work/jenkins_data/workspace/S2/database-deployment-via-flyway-EDOS/pom.xml clean compile -Ddb=UAT_cms_core -DdatabaseSchema=cms-core -Dmode=info -DdeploymentVersion=1.2.9 -Ddb_user=DB_USER -Ddb_password=[*******] ]

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