What's the simplest or preferred Excel formula to count ALL cells in a range, whether blank or not?

Let's say I have a column of cells, some blank and some non-blank. I want a formula displaying "x/y", where x = # of non-blank cells and y= total # of cells.

I found that this will work, but I was wondering if I really need to sum two functions to get "y"?

=COUNTA($L$9:$L13) & "/" & COUNTA($L$9:$L13) + COUNTBLANK($L$9:$L13)

displays 4/5 (for my data where 4 of the 5 cells are non-blank)


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Instead of COUNTA($L$9:$L13) + COUNTBLANK($L$9:$L13), you can use:

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    Thanks, didn't know about ROWS() (or COLUMNS(), for that matter). Odd that Excel doesn't have CELLS() in case the range has more than one dimension. Aug 18, 2015 at 22:29

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