In Visual Studio, when you run Code Analysis on a project or solution, you can then right click on the analysis warning/error and choose 'Suppress Message' to insert the SuppressMessageAttribute in your code.

From my own observations, this feature only seems to work for traditional FxCop/Code Analysis warnings.

Is it possible (or is there a Visual Studio extension) to provide similar functionality for the new 2015 Code Analyzers (eg. for custom analysers installed via NuGet)?


Yes it is possible. I am using Visual Studio 2015 with Update 1, and I have two Live Analyzers installed - SonarLint and CodeCracker. In my Error List window, I can right click on any warning and Suppress it in a Suppression File. PFB the screenshots where I have suppressed a warning message from CodeCracker Analyzer into a Global Suppression File.

Suppress Code Analysis Warnings

enter image description here

Also VS 2015 Update 1 provides a great Code Analysis Feature where in you can view the warnings/messages for only your code changes. Selecting ‘Changed Documents’ filter in the Error Window will show the warnings pertaining to only the files where you have made modifications – and hence makes it lot convenient to use.

This is applicable to any LIVE code analyzers which you can add to your Visual Studio IDE.

  • Ha.. it looks like you are correct. My only quibble is that that if you choose the 'Suppress In Source' that it inserts #pragma directives. Fine if everyone is using 2015, but if you're working on code with people using older versions then you need to use the SuppressMessage attribute. – David Gardiner Feb 14 '16 at 23:15


  • I already mentioned the attribute in my question. I'm asking about a UI feature in Visual Studio that will automate inserting the attribute – David Gardiner Aug 20 '15 at 12:03

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