I have the following string expression defining the object traversal "e.B.num". where e defines the root entity in my string expression

 class BTest
    public int num{get:set;}

 class Test
     public int sample {get; set;}
     public BTest B {get; set;} 

 static void TestProperty()
    Test obj = new Test();
    obj.sample = 40;
    obj.B = new BTest(){ num=5}

    Expression propertyExpr = Expression.Property(Expression.Constant(obj),"num");



On the below statement Expression.Property(Expression.Constant(obj),"num"); I am able to get the value for the first level property "sample" but not for the second level property?

Am I missing something here? I am trying to build a binary expression post this based on the "num" property value.


You have to create nested property expression as you're looking for nested property.

Expression bExpression = Expression.Property(Expression.Constant(obj), "B");
Expression numExpression = Expression.Property(bExpression, "num");

Console.WriteLine(Expression.Lambda<Func<int>>(numExpression).Compile()());//Prints 5
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