I have made a very simple Visual Basic script, which uses the advanced filter function in Excel, to copy unique values from a column in one sheet, to a column in a different sheet. It works fine on all values, except the first which appears twice. Can anyone tell me the reason for this glitch? I tried using the filter manually, with the same result.

Sub getUniqueRuns()

    Sheets(2).Range("C2:C65536").AdvancedFilter Action:=xlFilterCopy, 
    CopyToRange:=Sheets(5).Range("A2"), Unique:=True

End Sub

The AdvancedFilter is using the top row of your range as the title and then providing distict values from the rest of the range. As you have provided row 2 as the first row, it is using this as the header and then rows 3 onwards as the data. As a result you are getting duplicates. I suggest you change your ranges to the below which will then copy the heading across.

Sub getUniqueRuns()
    Sheets(2).Range("C1:C65536").AdvancedFilter Action:=xlFilterCopy, 
    CopyToRange:=Sheets(5).Range("A1"), Unique:=True

End Sub
  • Sheets(2).Range("C1") contains the header of the column (a String). The same header is located in Sheets(5).Range("A1"). If I try to include them, the way you did, I get a "Runttime Error 1004: The extract range has a missing or illegal field name" – Jakob Busk Sørensen Aug 19 '15 at 12:07
  • I made it work, after having clear the sheet that I am copying to. Maybe you could add this to your answer, in case other people had the same issue. None-the-less, it was the correct answer, so thanks :-) – Jakob Busk Sørensen Aug 19 '15 at 12:15
  • Sheets(2).Cells.Clear added. :-) – Phil192 Aug 19 '15 at 12:27

I had the same issue with a script of mine, I resolved it with a .offset(1) to offset the extra row in rgData.

Sub modHouse_Popularity()
' modHouse_Popularity Macro
' Select Houses and remove duplicates

'define range
    Dim rg As Range
    Set rg = ThisWorkbook.Worksheets("Popularity").Range("A2:A500")

 'retain header
'define data fields, criteria fields and out put fields
    Dim rgData As Range, rgCriteria As Range, rgOutput As Range
    Set rgData = ThisWorkbook.Worksheets("Facade requests").Range("Table1[House]").Offset(1)
    Set rgCriteria = ThisWorkbook.Worksheets("Popularity").Range("a2")
    Set rgOutput = ThisWorkbook.Worksheets("Popularity").Range("a3:a500")
'place data

    rgData.AdvancedFilter xlFilterCopy, rgCriteria, rgOutput, True

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