I have written a simple script in Octave. When I run it from the command line, Octave prints a line every time a variable gets assigned a new value. How do I suppress that?


function result = stuff()
    result = 0
    for i=0:10,
        j += i

when I run it:

octave:17> stuff()
result = 0
result = 0
result =  1
result =  3
result =  6
result =  10
result =  15
result =  21
result =  28
result =  36
result =  45
result =  55
ans =  55

I want to get rid of the result = ... lines. I am new to Octave, so please forgive me asking such a basic question.

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    As mentioned, ending your lines with a ; will suppress the output to the terminal. Also you don't need the , after the for line. Lastly, although j += i; is valid Octave, it is not valid Matlab. I would suggest you change it to j = j + i so that if your code ever needs to be ported to Matlab, you won't have to make any changes. – Dan Aug 19 '15 at 14:54

by adding a semicolon at the end of your statement it will suppress the intermediate result.

In your case:

function result = stuff()
    result = 0;
    for i=0:10,
        j += i;

will do the trick.


Like in matlab just add a ; (semicolon) to the end of a line you don't want output to the terminal.

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