I am using python and pygtk. the interface is described in a glade file. I am programming a generic MPV interface, as generic as I can possibly make it.

I am associating widgets in the glade file to fields in the model, and I would not like to subclass the parent presenter class. I want to retrieve the name of a textbuffer widget, declared in the glade file:

<object class="GtkTextBuffer" id="tag_desc_textbuffer">
  <signal name="changed" handler="on_textbuffer_changed" swapped="no"/>

in my generic on_textbuffer_changed I receive the text buffer instance as a parameter, but how do I get its name?

now I know that you cannot use the field name of any widget in order to get its name, you need to use a static function like this: gtk.Buildable.get_name(widget).

if I try to do this for gtk.TextBuffer, I get this error:

TypeError: descriptor 'get_name' requires a 'gtk.Buildable' object but received a 'gtk.TextBuffer'

the gtk.TextBuffer does not even know of id nor name.

AttributeError: 'gtk.TextBuffer' object has no attribute 'name'
AttributeError: 'gtk.TextBuffer' object has no attribute 'id'

any hints?

I suppose I'm going to write a dedicated handler where the name of the widget is already known.

def on_tag_desc_textbuffer_changed(self, widget, value=None):
    return GenericEditorPresenter.on_textbuffer_changed(
        self, widget, value, attr='description')

I do not like the idea because the minimally subclassed presenter already associates all view.widget_name → model.field_name, including 'tag_desc_textbuffer' to 'description'. I don't like having this information repeated...

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