i have a datatable and i want to filter this table with a company name. But it gave this error : "syntax error Missing opperand after 's' operater".

My code like this.

DataRow[] rowList = resultDt.Select(string.Format(" [{0}] = '{1}'", resultDt.Columns["Company"], "Dyn's"));

What can be the problem?

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The problem is "Dyn's". Can you use \' instead of ' occurs the problem

  • so thanks its work... – emrahe Jul 9 '10 at 8:04
  • I think you can algo write @"Dyn's" – Jonathan Jul 9 '10 at 9:20

It's the apostrophe in the name, you need to escape it:

DataRow[] rowList = resultDt.Select(string.Format(" [{0}] = '{1}'", resultDt.Columns["Company"], "Dyn\'s"))

The issue is it's being substituted for {1} and so the resulting string looks like 'Dyn's', escaping it gets you to 'Dyn\'s' which should be okay.


You need to escape the apostrophe:


Try escaping ':


Are you able to use LINQ to DataTable instead? I've always thought that DataTable.Select() is an error-prone way of doing things, precisely for this sort of reason.

Querying using LINQ to Objects (effectively) via the DataTableExtensions.AsEnumerable() method (or more simply using strongly typed data sets, IIRC) is nicer IMO. Admittedly you won't get the benefit of any in-memory indexing performed by the DataTable, but I suspect in the majority of cases that will be irrelevant.

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