Tried endpoint.audDevManager().setOutputVolume(percentage), with values ranging between 100-1999. Unfortunately, it's not resulting in any increase in volume. The documentation suggests that:

This method is only valid if the device has PJMEDIA_AUD_DEV_CAP_OUTPUT_VOLUME_SETTING capability in AudioDevInfo.caps flags.

And I've already ensured that this flag is set. Is there anything else that I need to take care of?


Sauw Ming suggested (over mail) to use AudioMedia::adjustRxLevel(float level) instead, and that fixed the issue for values of level over 3.0. At least that's when there was perceivable difference in volume.


I also worked with endpoint.audDevManager().setOutputVolume(percentage) and it works after the call start.I got the change of volume.Also i used the range 1-100.Please check it with this settings.

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