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I have the following example JSON.

        "something": "who cares",
        "some_number": 1
        "something": "who care here either",
        "job_name": "my-long-job-name-that-ends-in-something-else",
        "some_number": 2

So far I can match a record that ends in box:

$.[?(@.job_name =~ /^.+box/i )]

finds all the objects that have job_name ending in box and dumps out the entire record. This is ok, but I would like to specify a subset of attributes to return instead of the entire object sometimes.

In my real data there are dozens of fields, I only really need to see a few of them at a time.

$.[?(@.job_name =~ /^.+box/i )].job_number will only return the job_number.

Using the example data above how would return job_name and some_number but not something?

How would I modify my JsonPath expression to return just the fields that I want to see.

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After some more trial and error with the documentation and one more thing I had not tried yet I found the solution:

$.[?(@.job_name =~ /^.+box/i )].['job_name','some_number']

will return a Map with only the job_name and some_numberas keys for only the one record in the example data.

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