I want to know how can I pass data from jsp to controller in Spring. On this case, my data is array of array having object.

In my company, I have to complete functionality converting contents of jquery datatable(grid) to excel file in Spring(java) + jquery environment.

So, I thought.

  1. pass grid data to controller.

  2. convert grid data object to excel file.

I have stuck on process 1.

Belows are my code snippets.

  1. jsp
             url: "<c:url value='/storage/testExcel' />", 
             type: "post",
              dataType: "json",
              data: {
              "excel_data" : excel_data
              success: function() {
            error: function() {
                alert("error in data transfer")
  1. excel_data form

Oops.. T.T. I am not able to post image.

It seems like

[Array[4], Array[4], Array[4] ... , Array[4]] // It counts 100 things.

And a Array[4] has

 0: "2015-08-03 11:00:22",

 1: "가",

 2: "su-log",

 3: Object

  datetime: "201508030001",

  hostname: "...",

  pid: "...",

  state: "...",

  userName: "...",


  utUser: "..."
  1. Controller java source
    public class ExcelDatas {
      private List<ExcelData> excelDatas;
      // getters and setters

    public class ExcelData {
      private String date;
      private String host;
      private String type;
      private Map<String, Object> message;

      // getters and setters

I have tried @RequestParam, @ModelAttribute, @RequestBody, but I didn't have proper binding. So I didn't proceed.

In any way, I want to manipulate data from jsp. I means that it must not use my model(class ExcelData, class ExcelDatas).

Thank you for reading my question.

  • What is the exception you get? Generally, to upload images you should try MultipartFile type and consumes="multipart/form-data" instruction. – Jonathan La'Fey Aug 21 '15 at 8:00
  • It results from my low reputation. To post image, it needs 10 reputation. But I'm new newbie, so I have no reputation. I mean it ^^; – ChoYongha Aug 24 '15 at 1:29
  • Thanks, HoNeyBEE. – ChoYongha Aug 28 '15 at 4:09

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