Now you can put versionCode and versionName in both build.gradle and AndroidManifest.xml files. Which of them is the best place to put these attributes, and why is it better than the other option?

I can't find any info about this in google official documentation:

  1. https://developer.android.com/tools/building/configuring-gradle.html

  2. http://developer.android.com/guide/topics/manifest/manifest-element.html

Thanks a lot.

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It doesn't actually differ. But I'll tell you some info about that.

  1. If you have written your versionCode and versionName in both your AppManifest.xml and build.gradle, the ones written in build.gradle will replace the ones in your AppManifest.xml when you compile your app, and here comes point 2.

  2. If you haven't written them in your AppManifest.xml, when you compile your app and build it, your versionCode and versionName written in your build.gradle will automatically be written in your AppManifest.xml.

  3. And if you have written them in your AppManifest.xml only, nothing will happen. It is already written...

So as a summary, build.gradle overrides your AppManifest.xml.

Hope that helps.


Here you can find the official doc.

Pay attention that Gradle overrides the info in the AndroidManifest.xml
I suggest you using always the gradle script to set these values.

If a property is not set through the DSL, some default value will be used. Here’s a table of how this is processed.

 Property Name   Default value in DSL object     Default value
 versionCode     -1                              value from manifest if present
 versionName     null                            value from manifest if present
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