I would like to replace horizontal line rendered by default by the <hr> tag with three asterisks (horizontally centered). If possible, I want to achieve this with pure CSS, specifically:

  • I don't want to touch my markup, there should be just plain <hr>, no helper divs or anything like this (because I'm styling Markdown files);
  • no background images;
  • no Javascript.

First I tried:

hr {
    width: 0;

hr:before {
    content: "***";

and it almost does the trick, but I want it centered, and have no idea how to center it.

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Browsers display <hr>s using borders, so:

hr {
    border: none;

hr::before {
    content: '***';
    display: block;
    text-align: center;

Slap a text-align:center on your psuedo-element.

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