I need to replace a variable that has the extra argument passed to it via CLI.

./deploy.yml -e 'jira_ticket=REL-78'

I can't get it to strip out 'deploylist/REL-78' because I'm passing in 'jira_ticket' If i hardcode the varible ('REL-78') it works perfectly.

- name: Set fact
  set_fact: deploy_list"{{ item | replace('deploylist/{{ jira_ticket }}/', '')"
  with_items: ' {{ modules_to_deploy.value }}'
  register: deploy_list_result

ok: [] => (item=deploylist/REL-78/api)
ok: [] => (item=deploylist/REL-78/ariaapi)
ok: [] => (item=deploylist/REL-78/ariaquery)
ok: [] => (item=deploylist/REL-78/ariaserver)
ok: [] => (item=deploylist/REL-78/dashboardidp)
ok: [] => (item=deploylist/REL-78/oracle)
ok: [] => (item=deploylist/REL-78/uisp)
ok: [] => (item=deploylist/REL-78/ui)

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How about this... (I also added = and closing }})

- name: Set fact
  set_fact: deploy_list="{{ item | replace('deploylist/'+jira_ticket+'/', '') }}"
  with_items: modules_to_deploy.value
  register: deploy_list_result

Note that you don't have to stringify an argument for with_items.

  • Thank you! I found an old thread suggesting the same thing. Took me a while!
    – sdot257
    Aug 22, 2015 at 18:10

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